In vivo confocal microscopy features of cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Alarcon I, Carrera C, Puig S, Malvehy J., Dermatology. 2014;228(2):121-4. doi: 10.1159/000357525.


BACKGROUND: Cutaneous leishmaniasis is widely distributed, Spain being a hypoendemic region. Noninvasive bedside detection of the histopathologic response to the intracellular organism that allows rapid diagnosis and prompt therapy could be the ideal tool to manage a commonly self-healing lesion. Confocal microscopy is a technique which allows in vivo examination of the skin at cellular resolution.


METHODS: We describe the in vivo confocal microscopic features of cutaneous leishmaniasis, finding a correlation with dermoscopy and histopathology.


CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: This case illustrates the capability of confocal microscopy to characterize the cutaneous infection by Leishmania organisms and to perform a noninvasive diagnosis.