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MAVIG GmbH, is a family owned and operated company founded in 1921 and headquartered in Munich. MAVIG is a quality and innovation leader in the field of X-ray protection and has pioneered the adoption of reflectance confocal microscopy in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. For further information about MAVIG, please visit


Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics, Inc.’s platform of products offer increased productivity from the doctor’s office to the surgeon’s operating room. Today, the future of skin imaging and diagnosis is here: an integrated platform of tools and technology for accurate diagnoses quickly and routinely. Caliber ID products provide precise accuracy, consistent reliability, and online backup that all combine to lead to life-saving early diagnosis. Wherever you are in the continuum of skin imaging and diagnosis, this is not just best in class. This is a new class. For more information about Caliber ID and its products, please visit