Confocal reflectance imaging of folliculitis in vivo: correlation with routine histology.

González S, Rajadhyaksha M, González-Serva A, White WM, Anderson RR.; J Cutan Pathol. 1999 Apr;26(4):201-5


Near-infrared confocal reflectance microscopy (CM) is a high-resolution: non-invasive imaging technique with promising future in dermatology. A pustular lesion from a 35-year-old male with a known history of folliculitis was non-invasively viewed with CM and later biopsied. Optical sections were correlated with routine histology. This optical technique allows us to view non-invasively transverse skin sections to a controlled depth in real time. In the CM images, tissue can be visualize with cellular and subcellular detail as shown by imaging infiltrating neutrophils (PMNs) within the subcorneal pustule of a superficial folliculitis in vivo.