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VivaScope® technology is well documented in the scientific and medical literature. With the number of publications related to VivaScope technology increasing each month, it can be a challenge to locate an appropriate reference for a specific application.
This online tool is both a way to answer to this need and is our way of honoring the great number of world-class researchers and clinicians who have expanded the frontiers of scientific research and have pioneered the use of in vivo confocal microscopy in applications far and wide.
This collection of abstracts addresses important topics related to skin cancer visualization, inflammatory disease research, confocal in surgery, as well as applied research related to cosmetics and personal care, allergic and irritant contact dermatitis, photodamage and skin aging and pigmentation all possible through VivaScope, without the pain and scarring associated with a traditional biopsy.

Cosmetic & Pharmacy Abstracts

With MAVIG GmbH  in Europe, Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics in the United States, and our combined partners the world over, we are committed to pushing the frontiers of in vivo confocal microscopy by providing innovative tools that allow you to accelerate discovery and to provide the latest technologies as the standard of care in your practice.
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